Wednesday, December 8, 2010

go ahead, have one

I made these little donuts. I have decided I would like to tackle different random items or "as seen on tv stuff", one at a time. We started with the Sunbeam Donut Maker that we purchased at Target. I think we got it out of sheer curiousness, because who doesn't like a good donut? Or perhaps we were just hungry. I followed the directions on how to make a basic cake donut batter and icing and then baked them in their maker for 6 minutes. It was really easy and the donuts are pretty cute when you start decorating them. The only problem, I didn't really like the actual donut. That isn't the makers fault... I just need a new recipe (and I will find one). I liked doing something different than the usual cupcakes or cookies! So now I just need to find a great recipe and I will be golden!


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