Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brody's 2009 Resolutions

It is really adorable not only trying to explain to a 3.5 year old what a resolution is, let alone hearing what he comes up with. My hope is that as we do these every year, it will help build a positive identity in himself and help him create goals and dreams. I plan on printing them out and saving them all!

Brody's 2009 Resolutions
1. Build a rocket ship out of blocks.
2. Not be naughty.
3. Fly like a bird in an airplane or helicopter.
4. Play a real guitar or drums.
5. Pick up people's candy for them when they drop it.
6. Help the baby practice going down the stairs (I had to stress many times that an adult had to be around for this one).

Okay so if you have been reading every day you now know our resolutions, time to get yours done!


mary said...

He is TOO cute!!

eva said...

#5 is my favorite!

Dave and Lauren said...

I love number five too!!! :)

Dave and Lauren said...

Ok also, I wanted to know what kind of camera you and "Williams family" (yes I read other peoples blogs, lol) have. Your pics are always so perfect. I love her pics too but I am too much of a chicken to ask via blogspot. :)