Monday, December 8, 2008

An oldie but a goodie

There are so many games out for kids now, and it's so easy to be drawn towards the more high tech or the brand new ones. But recently we broke out our game of Candy Land, which was just sitting on the shelf in plastic, and Brody loved it (and so did we). It's easy for a 3 year old to play, it's short and it's fun. We have been playing a game or two every night. One reason why it's a hit (especially for Grandpa) is because the set up is so easy, not like the Bee Game where you have to stick a million branches through holes. The less set up, the more time to play! It reminds me that less is more and that just because the game has been around forever doesn't make it is less fun. Plus, I think it's like $5 at Target! Can't beat that!

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Laurin @ Laurin and Kelly Talk said...

We've been playing Candy Land around our house a lot lately. Makes me feel like a kid again! It was my favorite board game growing up.