Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas traditions

One of the best parts of being a new family is that you get to start making your own traditions. On Brody's first Christmas I bought a cute gift box at Target that said it was from Santa. Well every year I put something in it for him as if Santa put it in the box that night. Well I loved doing this so much, I bought Piper a box this year and put a to and a from on it as well. I couldn't find a box as great as Brody's but it's still cute. I'm looking forward to the kids being excited about what Santa put in their box every year, especially since all of Santa's other gifts aren't wrapped.

Another Christmas tradition is that I keep all the photo cards that we receive from friends and family and I put them in an ongoing scrapbook. It's cute because ever year we take out the scrapbook and look through all the cards to see how much all of our friends' kids have grown. I also put our yearly card in there as well as a picture with Santa. It's so easy, I make all the cards fit so there isn't any extra decorating and I just store it away after Christmas with all the decorations.

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Whitney said...

All great traditions! I want to do all of them! xoox