Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ouchy Fairy

Somehow we have a new visitor to our house, the Ouchy Fairy. I'm not 100% sure how we got her to start visiting us, but alas, she is now a part of our life. Brody's finger nail came off and somehow it was promised to him that the Nail Fairy would visit (this was Dad's doing). I felt like the Nail Fairy is very limiting since, how often do you lose a nail? So the Ouchy Fairy was born. She visits whenever one of the kids gets a big ouchy (such as nail falling off). Last night she left a lollipop and $1 under Brody's pillow. It's silly the things that we create for our children, but I know that we will have fun with the Ouchy Fairy for the next few years and someday, when the kids get too big, I will miss her.

1 comment:

Dave and Lauren said...

That is a great idea! How does one lose a finger nail? OUCH!