Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guest Blogger- Lara Miller

One of my favorite things we have for our kids is the Radio Flyer Excursion Wagon. It is so fun to take my boys around the block in it and even to the grocery store for some light shopping. They seem to love this way of transportation because I never hear a peep out of them when we're rolling in it. The seats are facing each other so it is so nice for them to talk and share their experiences along the way. There is a big storage compartment on the side of the wagon to carry their snacks and blankets as well my camera and cell phone! It also has 4 built in cup holders in the wagon for their drinks. It's great because it has seatbelts for each rider so my little one can't try and wiggle out. It's really such a fabulous wagon and I get compliments on it all the time. If you don't already have a fun means of transportation to take your kids on a leisurly walk around the block, I think this wagon is definitely worth a look!

All the best!

Lara Miller

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Nadda said...

Can't wait until Angela is old enough to get one!! Pretty soon they can cruise around the block together. :)