Saturday, August 8, 2009

one cute costume

As you know we LOVE Halloween and have already been talking about what the kids can be this year. I saw this new cupcake costume at Pottery Barn Kids and I am dying at how cute it is! Too bad Piper isn't big enough! I also noticed that PBK's costumes are more affordable this year. Granted this one is $59 but last year it would have been $89. They have costumes starting at $29 so hooray for PBK for realizing that we don't have as much money in our pocket for holiday dress up!


The Beach Barn said...

I LOVE Halloween too!!! Wish I had a little one to dress day.

Junior bed said...

ohmigosh! This is so cute! My son would never let me dress him up like this, but if I ever have a daughter, she will be wearing one!