Monday, August 3, 2009

what I am coveting right now

This bag will hopefully be my new purchase in the coming months, it will last me a long time and double as a baby bag when baby #3 comes. It's so me. It's L.A.M.B just like my current purse which has held up over a few years now. The quality of her purses rock. But you do pay the price for its quality and name, and it's not cheap. So far I have a $50 gift card to Nordstroms, I'm selling two things on ebay I won in a celebrity gift basket awhile back, and I'm probably going to ebay my used L.A.M.B because I still get compliments everywhere I go and it's in great condition. I hope I can do it all before it leaves its home at Nordstroms. I love it!!!!!!

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The Shaft's said...

celebrity gift basket?! I need to start entering in things.