Wednesday, August 12, 2009

recent etsy finds

Last Sunday I did some searching on Etsy for things I'll need in the future (and some I just want). Here are some stuff I found that I liked!

This print is from Flor Larios's shop. So beautiful! I really like all her prints but I would love to buy an original piece!

I really need some new pillows for our couch, has anyone ever noticed how expensive pillows are?? I came across Marie's Cosy Cushions and I loved all the fabric prints that she has! And affordable, especially if you already have pillow inserts!

More wall decals, but these aren't for kids. Why do I love these? They remind me of wall paper but are so less permanent. I am a lover of wall paper in certain rooms (that's what happens when you work for a homebuilder on their model homes). I honestly hope to get use out of these soon! You can find a bunch of different styles at Byrdie Graphics.

I love all the custom heart embroidery at Minature Rhino. I would love one hanging above our bed, so simple yet loving.

I must have been on a mermaid kick, but I came across this doll at Tiny Green Apples. Piper is really into dolls and I loved how sweet this sleeping mermaid is. 

I'm thinking I need to make my Etsy searches a weekly thing for this blog!


jessica said...

lovey picks! thanks for featuring my work too!

The Shaft's said...

these are great! Love them.

Flor Larios Art said...

Your blog look great...Thank you for posting my art!

Whitney said...

great finds. I love the idea of a weekly thing because it is so hard to search through all the great things on the site.