Saturday, August 8, 2009


Time to revisit my resolutions for 2009. I mean I only have 145 days until the end of the year! Here were my resolutions from the beginning of the year. Tonight I put in red how I am doing:

Amanda's 2009 Resolutions
1. Continue to find healthy options for my family in food and recreation (organics, vegetarian meals, new foods). Yes, still doing this, but should be exploring a lot more.
2. Make my own health a priority and find time for diet and exercise. Maintain the same weight for a whole year. Ha, ha, ha- didn't think I'd get pregnant huh? I try to eat healthy but this has kind of gone out the window since I can only do so much. When I wrote these I never imagined we'd be pregnant!
3. Move away from the things I flock to when things get hard (coca-cola, sweets & shopping). Shopping- doing great, Coca-Cola- still addicted. Sweets- somewhere in the middle. Need to work on this.
4. Get at least one full night's sleep a week (a full 8 hours)- Barely, but I try. I am up and it's 12:28am. Need to be better at this.
5. Take my business up one level through marketing, website changes and cost solutions. Working on it now! I've done good this year so far.Can't wait for Christmas card time.
6. Make decisions based on what is best for my family, not others. Yes, yes, yes!
7. Date night at least once a month! I think but we are SO bad at this, must make this priority ASAP before baby comes.
8. Create at least one fundraiser in 2009. Looks like it will have to be a Christmas fundraiser?? Anyone want to help?
9. Find small pockets of "me" time to decompress and be creative. Ha, ha, ha....sometimes I get a bath.
10. Make fashion a priority, well at least anytime not Mon-Fri from 8am to 5pm, meaning dress up on the weekends and any outing. I try so hard.
11. Change someone's life in 2009, make a lasting difference. Make this a priority.
12. Remind my friends' how amazing they are and compliment a stranger at least once a week. I do not do this enough, so glad I'm reminding myself.
13. Help my husband reach a dream of his. Mark?? Hurry up, come up with a dream :)
14. Actually begin to write down the words in my book, get it on paper. I started! So far I did the Preface, but hey, it's a work in progress.
15. Pray more. Yes I do!

Okay now time to revisit yours and finish off the year like we started it. If I can help you with any of yours let me know!!! 



Lauren said...

I will help with #8. Yiu are doing well on many of these...I am a great eye-witness!

Lauren said...

oops, meant You...