Sunday, August 23, 2009

so excited!

This doll bed from Pottery Barn Kids is $49 (on sale from $69), plus an additional $19 for the bedding.

This doll bed is $19 at Ikea and the bedding is included.

I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn Kids and love to buy all their doll stuff. But I couldn't pay the price they wanted for their doll bed, sale or not! So we bought the Ikea doll bed and we can't wait to paint it white and maybe make some cute new bedding. No matter what we do it can't come close to what it costs at PBK, but I know when I'm done with it it will look just as cute and it will be a great surprise for Piper on Christmas morning! Hooray!


The Duff Family said...

Thanks for the tip! I have always loved that bed and was hoping to buy it for Sadie some day. Now that I know about the Ikea one I think I will buy it now and save it just because it's such a great deal.

eva said...

Cute! It will be fun to come up with ideas for the bedding and make it! I want to see how it turns out!

Williams Family said...

So cute! And now that you know how to sew, I am sure you can make something cute.