Monday, August 17, 2009

etsy finds

I love these digital art prints from John W. Golden's Shop. I get sick of seeing the same type of artwork for kids room, but this is so us and there are so many choices for a boy or girl. So cute!

I love these hats at Cite' Fuzz, there is one for every child in the family! A must have!!!

Digging the custom skirts at DressReHERSal's Shop. They have cute one's for the holidays too!

Love the custom birth prints for your nursery at trendypeas's shop! I think I need to get one for each kid. I would love to have their statistics up and I can see this staying in their room for a long time!

1 comment:

eva said...

aw, so cute, all of them, I can't even look at etsy anymore (Bret said so ;))