Monday, July 5, 2010

birthday games

I am always inspired by the fun things Cakies does to celebrate their holidays. I was particularly inspired after her Father's Day post. I whipped something up pretty last minute for Mark's birthday this year. I put together a scavenger hunt for him! My scavenger hunt included little gifts, rhyming clues and a pinata in the garage (all at 9am in the morning). I think he had fun and I know the kids had fun running around with him (especially when they were trying to figure out his "favorite place to sit" to get the next clue and realized it was the toilet). My favorite part was when we all had to wear the party hats and take a self-timed picture. We ended the scavenger hunt going to was perfect. A little creativity shows a lot of love!

By the way...Happy Birthday to the BEST husband. You are definitely my better half and you give this family so much love and happiness in everything you do. We love and adore you.


Anonymous said...

OMG. Too cute! Love you guys!

The Shaft's said...

Happy Birthday!! Great idea, how fun!