Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sign up

I took the kids to Jump 'n Jammin a few days ago and it was a great use of an hour and a half for all of us. But this post isn't about Jump 'n Jammin (although they are great), it's about signing up on e-clubs for your favorite places. I hate giving my email to everyone, but this summer I am realizing that in a lot of instances it's in your best interest to sign up and receive their special offers. Case in point, I signed up for Jump 'n Jammin and they sent me an email coupon for buy one, get one free. That means I saved $12 (a general admission price) a few days ago. That's rad! I think I am going to start signing up online for more newsletters and promotions if they are giving discounts and offers.

You should too!

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