Friday, July 9, 2010

my love is growing

Do you remember this picture from my 30 Things? It was the garden I planted. Just some tomato and bell pepper plants in a container on our patio. We tried the Topsy Turvy, but it couldn't get enough light where we could hang it. So I was excited to really plant some things.

Well I am so excited to report that I have tomatoes and bell peppers growing! I love my little garden and it is giving me such a feeling of accomplishment. Want to see?

a bell pepper growing

tomatoes growing

look how big my garden is growing

These plants prove why I think it is important to try new things and challenge yourself. They make me so happy and even though the world of gardening is overwhelming, I am taking it one plant at a time and starting out with easy plants in small containers. I love my little vegetables!

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