Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our baby boy is already almost 8 months old.... and we JUST finished his side of the room. Well it helps that I actually did move the crib out of our room this weekend and into the room that he shares with his sister (like I said I would in a previous post.... that's the update part). It was heart breaking and it took 3 nights to do because I couldn't let go.

His side of the room is super simple, I will post pics of his sister's side in the next few weeks. Do you like the quilt we hung behind his crib? I bet you didn't know that my mother is a professional quilter and her quilts have been featured in many magazines. Lucky me right? We just got Madden's special quilt a few weeks back and I love it on the wall. I am not a huge theme person when it comes to Madden gets simple colors, stripes, etc.

I love it!