Sunday, July 18, 2010

my sanity

My favorite word to use with having 3 kids (one still a baby and one a 2 year old) is ridiculous. I use it all the time. I use it the most when I attempt to work. This is what I do if you don't know. Now, as ridiculous as it is, we don't have the money to hire a nanny to help out (I wish we did). So this summer I hired a Mother's Helper. For two hours a week, I have a wonderful 15 year old who comes over and entertains my two oldest like you wouldn't believe. I plan it at nap time for the baby, so she really can play with the other two. And they play and play and play. And I get more work done in those two hours than I get in the whole week. It is amazing. If you can make it fly and you need some uninterrupted time during the week, hire one! You can only do it in the summer because a Mother's Helper has to go back to school in the Fall.

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