Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ah ha

You know those things that you always thought were cheesy and then one day you realize they really are useful and functional? I had that "ah ha" moment this weekend. I was getting so annoyed by the millions of Piper's mismatched pairs of itsy bitsy girl shoes. I couldn't find two of the same pair. So I realized that the only thing that could be done is to buy one of those plastic shoe hanger things that goes on the back of your door. I know that once a upon a time I swore I would never use one. But, you know what, it is so perfect for keeping her shoes together and picking them out easily. And I got mine at Target for only $7.99. I'm thinking of adding socks and hair bows in some of the empty pockets.

Have you had any of your own "ah ha" moments like this?

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