Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am totally obsessed with this salsa. It's the Market Pantry (Target brand) Mild Chunky Salsa. It's all natural and cheap too. It has big chunks of tomatoes, with pieces of jalapenos and onions. I think they have a spicy version for spicy lovers out there. It probably would taste like regular salsa to you, but I think it's really good for being in a jar! In fact I finished a whole jar in 3 days (and the serving size is like 2 tbsp, oops).

**note- I cannot eat dairy so I basically live off of chips and salsa for a snack, so maybe regular people may not be so excited over good salsa in a jar but I am!

p.s. I'm kind of laughing that there are prescription bottles in the background... remember I just had a procedure for kidney stones, I'm not a pill popper I promise!


eva said...

on a non-salsa note, we had the TJ brown rice, and you're right, it's very good and super easy!

The Beach Barn said...

I've been meaning to stop by and comment on one of your posts that I really liked: "Just Thinking"...Such a great post! I'd love to share it on my blog...if you don't mind.

BTW..I tagged you on my blog. Stop by and take a peek of my "8X8" post.

: )

Libbie said...

I LOVE a good salsa!!! Especially one with bigchunks :)