Tuesday, April 6, 2010

just thinking

I know that money is tight for everyone right now. However, I have been thinking about something a lot lately. I am very appreciative of the people who use me for their invites/announcements/thank you cards/etc. I know that they could go elsewhere for cheaper and I think most people do since invitations are expendable. Every time someone puts in an order, I feel so grateful that they chose me to design for them and that they feel that I am worth their extra money. That's awesome. So it made me realize that I need to do the same. Maybe I can't every time, but I should as often as I can. I need to make sure I get my haircut by my stylist so that I can support her instead of going someplace cheaper. I need to make sure we get the dogs groomed by our groomer because she is struggling right now. I need to order from etsy.com more. Maybe now isn't the time to leave people for cheaper pastures. Maybe now is the time to eat out less once a month so we can afford to keep small businesses in tact. People are doing it for me. So today we headed over to Toy Town so Brody could spend the $5 he got in an Easter basket. Normally we would have just spent his money at our regular Target run. We also got Brody's pants hemmed at our local tailor, even though he is $5 more. I just think we all need to try and stick together. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to realize that every tiny bit helps. Thank you to everyone helping me.

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The Shaft's said...

Oh such a great post Amanda. I try to think about the "small business" verses large corporations. It also helps with connecting on a more intimate level with people and we surly need that in this cyber day and age!