Thursday, April 15, 2010

just for me

My sis Jen has just informed me that Sprinkles Cupcakes now has a Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake! Great news since I am off dairy for awhile (baby can't tolerate it and I am nursing) and Piper is intolerant. Normally I am not a huge Sprinkles fan (that position in fact goes to my sis Jen), but I am stoked that I can finally eat a fun dessert. Pretty much every great dessert has butter or milk in it when you go out. Thank you Sprinkles. I read the reviews and they say it tastes great. I hope to find out soon.


Lauren said...

Drew has gotten more and more tolerant of dairy products the older she has gotten. There is hope for Piper that she will not always be so intolerant!! Drew just loves her soy milk, though, and I am glad!!!

Williams Family said...

My mother in law has some great vegan desserts, I will ask her for some to give to you. They are always GREAT!