Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a little miracle

The cover of People Magazine gave me a smile today. It proves that even in the most heartbreaking situations there can be small miracles. Sandra Bullock started the adoption process four years ago and brought home baby Louis in January right, before the sex scandal with Jesse James broke out. They were adopting him together but now she will be adopting him as a single parent (she is filing for a divorce). In her grief at the loss of her marriage she can also rejoice in the arrival of her son. I don't usually blog about celebrity gossip, but Sandra Bullock is pretty amazing, that baby is adorable and God's timing in this one is pretty amazing as well.

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The Shaft's said...

Agreed! I heard about this and found it more than a coincidence that one man is out of life while another one (it is a boy right, I am so out of loop?!) lovely.