Sunday, April 18, 2010

a little hope

I try not to bring my religious beliefs to my blog very often. Usually if I do, I like it to be a universal message that could be for most religions or even non-believers. I do go to Saddleback Church and have been going there since I was about 11 years old (so almost 19 years) and yes, I have heard all the names you want to call it since it is a very large church (this weekend a friend called it "God, Inc.") and our pastor is pretty famous now.

Rick is currently speaking on a series about hope and miracles. I just finished listening online to the message that I missed on April 11th. It is very powerful and directly relates to the struggles we are all going through with the recession right now. I took two pages of notes on my own! If you need a little hope, I really encourage you to listen to or watch it online here. If you do have the time for at least one, do the April 11th one. You will understand so much more of your journey in life right now and the struggles you may be facing.


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eva said...

everyone can use a little hope (or even a miracle!) regardless of their religious or other beliefs, I might check that out... :)