Sunday, April 4, 2010

all because of orange juice

Isn't it funny the things that make us happy? Last Friday we went to Costco. While doing our usual lap around the place, we went by the refrigerated section where I usually pick up a gallon of Naked Juice Orange Juice. There is something about that OJ that makes it worth spending $8 for a gallon, so I do. However, this time I made a sharp left turn to pick it up and they were replaced with Kirkland (Costoc's brand) Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice in the gallon. I was really disappointed, yet still thought it would be worth a try. I think it ranged somewhere around $6 (which is way more than I spend on OJ at non-Costco times of the month). I decided to try it later that evening and let me tell you.... it is SO good. Like I just squeezed all the oranges myself and drank it right away. I was in orange juice heaven. Who knew?

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eva said...

I didn't know! Thanks for the OJ review.