Friday, October 17, 2008


A personal fav is that my son was blessed with a cousin only 4 months older then him. They are total opposites in every way. But, Brody and Jospehine are a dynamic duo and when they get together they are crazy. It is interesting to hear them screaming and fighting from the other room and wonder what we will see when we get there. But every day that they get older they love each other more and play better together. They are besties and the pictures below (among thousands) will hopefully be displayed at their dual high school graduation party in 15 years.

3 Years Ago


mary said...

Oh my gosh. They are TOO cute! What a great little relationship they will have.

The 3rd photo of them is hilarious. It's the quintessential "OK, this is how you smile for the camera, right?" shot!

Whitney said...

OK. There are tears in my eyes!! Love our babies!!

eva said...

so sweet!

Shaft Family said...

Ok, those two are the spitting image of you and your sister. Your Dad!! He looks the same as when we were in kindergarden. LOL!