Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cuddle Bugs

Once I found out we were having a girl, I started looking at bedding for the nursery. I am so picky about that kind of stuff and I already knew that first, I would only use the chamois Pottery Barn Kids sheets and second, I didn't want her crib set to be all pink. I was finding that I didn't like any of the patterns out there and I looked everywhere!! And, why would I pay so much money if I didn't want half of the stuff in the set like the sheets or the pillows. After a few months of looking and the only thing I barely liked was over $500, I knew I would have to look at another option. So I started to look into having them custom made. I found Cuddle Bugs Custom Baby online and as soon as I found it I started creating Piper's bedding! By doing it this way I could pick mostly brown fabrics so I wasn't overwhelmed with pink, and I could pick the way everything was laid out, including the type of dust ruffle because I only like the single pleated kind. I put in my order and paid around $375 for the dust ruffle and the bumper. When it arrived 8 weeks later (order early) I was thrilled! The quality was above my expectations and it was worth every penny. I would rather pay the $375 for two perfect items then buy a whole set with things I don't need and fabrics I don't love. I am so bummed that you can't see the dust ruffle in the picture above, it's straight out of PBK. I definitely recommend using cuddle bugs if you can't find what you are looking for. The fabrics I chose are below!


dust ruffle



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eva said...

Her room is beautiful, you did such a good job with it.