Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Shopping Aftermath

So I wanted to update everyone on the aftermath of my "No Shopping" experiment (by the way check out how Chela is doing this month with her no shopping). I am a changed woman, my friend Noel witnessed it first hand yesterday and was a bit shocked. I've only purchased two things since my experiment ended and I am returning one of them. I am very careful about my purchases and want to make sure they are long lasting pieces. I went to Home Goods the day after my ban ended and filled up my cart with pillows, but I felt so guilty because I didn't love them so I left the cart in the back of the store (sorry Home Goods employees). I walked through Nordstroms last night and even though I saw the PERFECT outfit for Fall, I left it there. I went to Pottery Barn Kids and even though I saw some Halloween decorations I would have never left behind, I did. I think that by fasting, I let my body get rid of all my impulses and now they are all gone. I have guilt now that I never had before and I think it's because I understand that I don't really need anything. 

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Laurin said...

That is a great realization to come to, especially now. I don't think I could stop shopping completely, but I have cut back drastically and it feels good.