Friday, October 31, 2008

We LOVE Halloween!

This is Brody's 4th Halloween and we love costumes. This year he wanted to be a juice box so we said "why not" and made him one. Definitely a labor of love. See below for Brody's costumes through the years as well as Piper's first Halloween as a little punk rock baby. Her mohawk will be perfected tonight. Happy Halloween!

Brody 2005
"Man Eating Shark"

Brody 2006

Brody 2007

Brody 2008
"Juice Box"

Piper 2008
"Punk Baby"


eva said...

The Juice Box turned out awesome, Brody looks very happy and proud in it. And Piper, she is just too cute as a Punk Baby. I also loved the Breakdancer costume and I love Brody's attitude and pose even more :) Happy Halloween!!

Whitney said...

So great! Love them all!

Leslie said...

Did you make Brody's costume yourself? You are so crafty! I can't believe how big Piper is getting, and I love the punk rock costume. A future punk rock lover, just like me :)

Joslyn said...

AWESOME! the punk baby is especially brilliant. love it.