Friday, October 3, 2008

Whatever, Martha!

Whatever, Martha! is a show on the Fine Living Network hosted by Alexis Stewart (Martha Stewart's daughter) and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. I love Martha Stewart so I really wanted to catch this when I heard about it. It's a 30 minute show where the two hosts make fun of some of Martha's shows and give their own commentary on their lives and thoughts as well. I wouldn't say that you should stay up waiting to watch this. But, if you have a DVR I would record some and when you feel like sitting down and having a laugh and being entertained I would watch them. I've watched 4 episodes so far and I think it's really cute and they both have funny things to say. Anyhow to read more about the show check it out here.


Mrs.French said...

oh no another addiction!

mary said...

I really want to see this...I have to check if we even have this network on our cable lineup?